About S&P

Shehata & Partners Law Firm was founded back in 1996 and has shortly after been considered as one of the leading dispute resolution law firms in Egypt with a proven track record of success in resolving complex corporate and financial disputes. Shehata & Partners’ main focus is enabling a practical and conducive business climate to our clients so that they can realize their strategic business objectives without being dragged down by the immense challenges posed by arbitration, litigation or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. More recently, Shehata & Partners has decided to capitalize on its wealth of experience in the dispute resolution realm to extend its services to other practice areas, namely, corporate, commercial, and renewable energy projects.


Why S&P?

As one of the most trusted firms, we constantly reinvent ourselves to stay updated with the current legislation in the domestic and international contexts. Here are some of the unique selling propositions that truly differentiate us from our competitors in the Egyptian Market:

Highly Responsive to our Clients’ Needs

Proven Track Record of Success

Highly Talented & Qualified Legal Experts

Client-Centric Approach

Business Mindset


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