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Renewable Energy

One of the few law firms in Egypt with a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector in Egypt.

Shehata & Partners is one of the few pioneering teams across all contractual and regulatory aspects of the renewable energy sector, specifically solar and waste to energy industries.

What We Offer

Being an active participant in the ecosystem of this industry since 2014, we offer all essential regulatory and contractual services in the renewable energy industry, and have helped and guided clients in almost all the sectors of this industry, specifically the solar and waste to energy industries.

What Sets Us Apart

Since the initiation of the renewable energy sector in Egypt, Shehata & Partners has been at the scene. This ensures we are incredibly aware of the different, difficult challenges that such a young industry has encountered, while also keeping us in the loop for the most recent trends and updates in the local and international market.


  • Representing several developers in preparing their applications for the Feed-in Tariff Program with the Egyptian government.
  • Representing KarmSolar in preparing its O&M and EPC agreements in conjunction with a Net-Metering Solar Project.
  • Representing BioEnergy in dealing with the Egyptian government in relation to its Waste-to-Energy project in Egypt.
  • Representing The Solar Company in preparing the necessary contractual instruments for launching a new solar product in the Egyptian market: Shehata & Partners has always been considered one of the few law firms with rich experience in the field of solar energy in Egypt. Our firm was assigned the task of drafting a contract that would be well suited for The Solar Company’s innovative product in the Egyptian market. A contract that captured all the attributes of the new product was devised within a few days due to Shehata & Partners’ awareness of the spectrum of the solar industry and extensive legal experience. View Case Study