Litigation in Egypt and the MENA Region could be a true hassle and highly ineffective if you choose the wrong law firm. We strive to deliver high-quality legal advice to our clients. Our strategy has proven to be extremely successful since our foundation in 1996. That’s why we have one of the highest success rates in Egypt and the UAE. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that our litigation strategy is perfectly aligned with the business strategy of our clients. We have one of the most dedicated litigation teams in Egypt comprising 2 Partners and 10 Associates.

Banking & Finance Litigation

We have developed extensive expertise in banking and finance litigation ranging from credit facilities disputes to documentary collection disputes, and letters of credit disputes. Our Partner, Dr. Nour Shehata has pleaded several high-profile cases in this sector. We were able to deliver an unprecedented level of success before the Egyptian and the Emirate Courts in this area.

For queries concerning banking and finance litigation, please contact our Partner, Dr. Nour Shehata, at 

Real Estate & Labor Litigation

We have always been at the forefront of real estate disputes in Egypt. We have been serving our clients in this sector successfully over the past 23 years. Our Partner, Mohamed Osama has developed a niche practice in this area as he was able to guide our client to successive success before the Egyptian Courts.

Also, we have developed over the past few years a new practice area concerning labor disputes. Although, it is always difficult to achieve success in this area of law when you represent employers. Still, we have managed to be successful in reaching favorable decisions for our corporate clients.

For queries concerning real estate and labor litigation, please contact our Partner, Mohamed Osama, at

Some of Our Litigation Experience in the past 5 years:

  • Successfully representing a Real Estate Developer in rejecting enforcement of a CRCICA arbitral award amounting to USD 180,000,000.
  • Advising Hochodorf Nutrition Swiss on a dispute concerning documentary collection transactions amounting to USD 3,000,000 against an Egyptian pharmaceutical company.
  • Successfully representing a Marketing Agency in rejecting the annulment of a CRCICA arbitral award amounting to USD 8,000,000.
  • Successfully representing a Paper Mill Corporation in annulling an auction sale of the Corporation’s assets amounting to USD 1,000,000.
  • Successfully representing an Electronics Trading Corporation in annulling the seizure of its assets amounting to USD 5,000,000.
  • Successfully representing a Home Appliances Corporation in defending its claims against an Egyptian Bank concerning Credit Facilities amounting to USD 1,000,000.
  • Successfully representing an Automotive Trading Corporation in enforcing a sale and purchase agreement amounting to USD 500,000.


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