Coronavirus & Construction Contracts: The Egyptian Legal Perspective

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Coronavirus or (COVID-19) has, unfortunately, hit the economies of most countries causing severe consequences that have impacted almost all industries on a global basis. The Egyptian market is no exception as there has been a spike in the number of recorded coronavirus cases in Egypt over the past two weeks. The article tries to assess the impact of this pandemic from an Egyptian legal perspective on businesses generally with a special focus on the construction industry. Shehata & Partners Law Firm has joined forces with Al-Mansoury International Consultants to shed light on this critical issue and assist the Egyptian construction industry with the legal issues that might arise from a practical standpoint. In this regard, this article is divided into three broad sections: (1) General Impact of Coronavirus on Businesses in Egypt; (2) General Impact of Coronavirus on Construction Contracts in Egypt; (3) Special Impact of Coronavirus on FIDIC 1999 Red Book Construction Contracts concluded under Egyptian Law.

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