Key Books

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  2. “Egyptian Civil and Commercial Procedural Law Treatise,” Dar El-Nahda Al-Arabia, (2014) (in Arabic)
  3. “Third-Parties in International Commercial Arbitration,” Dar El-Nahda Al-Arabia, (1996) (in Arabic)


  1. “25 Years of Model Law Arbitration in Egypt,” ASA Bulletin, (Forthcoming, October 2019)
  2. The Application of New York Convention by Egyptian Courts: An Empirical Analysis,” International Journal of Arab Arbitration, (September 2019)
  3. “Attorney-Client Privilege & International Arbitration”, Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution, (May 2019)
  4. A Model for Success”, IFLR Magazine Egypt Special Focus 2019 (April 2019)
  5. “New York Convention & Egypt: Key Highlights,” Thompson Reuters MENA Legal Outlook (April 2019)
  6. “Are Arbitral Anti-Suit Injunctions Enforceable before Egyptian Courts?” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, (January 2019)
  7. “Application of Overriding Mandatory Rules in International Commercial Arbitration: An Empirical Analysis.” World Arbitration and Mediation Review (WAMR), (December 2018)
  8. Three Potential Imminent Benefits of Blockchain for International Arbitration: Cybersecurity, Confidentiality &Young Arbitration Review (YAR) (November 2018)
  9. “The Marriage of Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain in International Arbitration: A Peek into the Near Future.” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, (November 2018)
  10. “Filling the Holes of the Legal Industry,” Legal Business World (Sptember 2018)
  11. “Arbitration of Smart Contracts – Part 1,” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, (August 2018)
  12. “Arbitration of Smart Contracts – Part 2,” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, (August 2018)
  13. “Arbitration of Smart Contracts – Part 3,” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, (August 2018)
  14. “Midnight” Clauses,” Legal Business World (June 2018)
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  16. “Benchmarking Public Procurement 2016”, World Bank Group 2016, World Bank Doing Business Initiative (December 2016)


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