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Shehata & Partners, established 1996, has since been driven by a vision to provide unique legal services that cater to the business needs of corporate entities doing business in Egypt. Our core mission is to provide the most trusted and effective legal advice on dispute resolution and corporate law both in Egypt and across the MENA Region.

Shehata and Partners
High-Quality Legal Experts

An academically excelling team of highly regarded arbitration, litigation, and corporate lawyers guide our clients on most legal matters, laying out ideal strategies and probable outcomes.

Shehata and Partners
Client-Centric Approach

At Shehata & Partners, our client-centric approach places us as a strategic business partner more than a legal catering service. By understanding the entire spectrum of our client’s industry, we can deliver out of the box solutions that work in tandem with the business objectives and needs of our corporate clients, hence allowing them to continue their business with minimal disruption.

Shehata and Partners
Top-Down Methodology

At Shehata & Partners, we believe in long-term strategy rather than short term goals, hence we use the top-down methodology which serves corporate clients well in the Egyptian market. With a diverse, collective legal experience of over 70 years, we have the advantage of our esteemed partners guiding his associates to the perfect legal solution for your corporation’s ultimate benefit.

Shehata and Parnters
Diverse Legal Experience

Our firm’s partners comprise a wealth of diverse academic experience, covering both civil law and common law jurisdictions, having practiced law under different schools of thought at various firms. Their collective experience on both sides as judges, arbitrators, and lawyers empowers us to cater to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Shehata and Partners
Practical & Responsive Style

In our efforts to deliver practical, effective legal solutions, we minimize legalese and frequently use visual aids to help our clients reach a deeper understanding of their legal issues. This additionally bodes well with courts and arbitral tribunals.

With Shehata & Partners, your queries will elicit a productive response within a few hours, which is an efficiency level that distinguishes us from our MENA competitors.

Shehata and Parnters
Tailor-Made Pricing Scheme

With our diverse corporate clients acting in different sectors and with individualized needs, we offer various pricing schemes that have proved to be cost-effective and that enhance our client-centric strategy. The billing is tailored to each case’s individual needs. Value-based billing and alternative fee packages, rather than traditional hourly rates, take into consideration multiple metrics such as the size and sector of the client for optimal service.