Renewable Energy Integration Fee | January 2022 Decree by EgyptERA

Author: Ibrahim Shehata

After a long wait, EgyptERA has finally issued its decree on the 4th of  January, 2022 to provide some clarity on the Renewable Integration Fee that has been previously referred to in 2020 without providing its exact amount.

It has been announced by EgyptERA in January 2022 that an integration fee will be applied for any renewable energy projects whether they are on a net-metering basis or a self-consumption basis. In this regard, the fees are applied for the following categories only:

– Medium Voltage: 25.7 piasters/Kwh

– High Voltage: 32.6 piasters/Kwh

– Ultra-High Voltage: 32.9 piasters/Kwh

The above means that projects below 500 kW will not be subject to this renewable energy integration fee just yet. For further information, check EgyptERA decree at the below button.