Nevine El-Shafei, Tasneem El-Naggar, and Dina El-Saiedi co-author an article on Data Protection & Privacy for Chambers & Partners

Data Protection (DP) is one of the hot topics in the legal field currently in Egypt. Although Egypt promulgated the data protection law No 151 of 2020 (DPL), a number of areas in connection with the data protection regulatory framework and implementation remain uncertain. S&P took aim to discuss the DP legal and regulatory challenges in the Egyptian market and answered important questions in this respect in the Chambers Data Protection 2023 Global Practice Guide. The guide gives in depth look on the DPL, regulatory framework in connection with the DP, multilateral and subnational issues, and characteristics. The guide also discussed sectoral data protection, cross border transfer of data, data usage, workplace privacy, online marketing, and the enforcement of foreign governmental obligations.

For more information about the TMT guide, please visit the below link.