Dream Land Group

Historical & Complex Banking Saga

Representing one of the most fought-out legal battles in recent history before Egyptian courts, Shehata & Partners would not have been able to pull off this victory with every trick in the textbook, but had to resort to innovating and creating original procedural tactics and substantive arguments outside of the box on a continuous basis. Having lost the USD 250 million CRCICA award (the “Award”) and failing to nullify the Award before the Cairo Court of Appeal, thus leaving only an extremely slim chance that any law firm could help at such a late stage, Dream Land Group hired Shehata & Partners.

The typical approach being to proceed with the annulment case before the Court of Cassation to try to reverse the judgment of the Cairo Court of Appeal, Shehata & Partners decided to implement a new strategy after thorough examination. Opening new routes to impede the enforcement of the Award. The facts of the case could merit an exceptional method for annulling the Award; the petition for review route in case fraud can be proven. This route has scarcely been used when in the realm of arbitral awards, and is considered an exceptional route for reviewing cases under the Egyptian law. Shehata & Partners then created a historical precedent by stacking countless arguments in a petition for review to annul the Award. The enforcement of the Award had been impeded till the current day proving the exceeding knowledge and utilization of procedural law used to support Dream Land Group.

Shehata & Partners’ specialized mastery of arbitration law, civil procedures law and the banking and finance sectors has led to unprecedented success. The fact-finding process implemented in this case to prove fraud was unique, and every possible step was taken to evidence the arguments which is extremely important in a factual case.