The Solar Company

Launching an Innovative Solar Product

Shehata & Partners has always been considered one of the few law firms with rich experience in the field of solar energy in Egypt. With a strong grasp of the peculiars of the technical and regulatory issues surrounding this sector, The Solar Company assigned our firm to draft a contract that would be well suited for their innovative product in the Egyptian market. A contract that captured all the attributes of the new product was devised within a few days due to Shehata & Partners’ awareness of the spectrum of the solar industry and extensive legal experience.

Shehata & Partners were to draft a concise, both bankable and consumer friendly agreement that would mitigate most of the legal risks associated with the new product. Difficult as it is when dealing with new contractual structures that have not been previously tested in the market, we were able to craft innovative and practical legal solutions to address most of the spectrum of concerns related to this new product.

This success was both supported by Shehata & Partners’ excellent understanding of the business to consumer industries and the mentality of the Egyptian banks, and was driven by the keen willingness to go the extra mile to comprehensively understand the entire features of such a pioneering solar product.