Shehata & Partners’ Litigation Team Has Once Again Secured an Exciting Win in a Labor Case Representing a Major O&M Solar Company Operating in Egypt and the GCC Region

Shehata & Partners (“S&P”) is pleased to announce the winning of a major Labor case for NOMAC.

Our litigation team, led by Mohamed Osama, had successfully secured a favorable judgment for our client, NOMAC, a Saudi company operating in Egypt (“Client”), in the labor dispute against one of Client’s former employees terminated for disciplinary reasons.

S&P was able to secure a solid win for the Client against one of its ex-employees. This is considered a rare precedent in labor disputes where courts generally tend to rule in favor of the employee in labor claims. In this case, the court of the first instance dismissed the entirety of the ex-employee claims including the claim for notice payment and compensation against unlawful dismissal.

The circumstances of this labor case were particularly complex and involved embezzlement charges against the ex-employee. S&P was able to successfully win the criminal action against the ex-employee and convince the Court to disregard the claims brought by the claimant against the Client. S&P will continuously update on the case and publish another announcement analyzing the Court’s reasoning and findings in rendering this verdict.


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Founded in 2005, NOMAC, the First National Operation & Maintenance Company, provides high-quality Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services for the production of electricity and desalinated water worldwide. They are in the vanguard, leading the world in pioneering Operations & Maintenance in the water and power sector worldwide.

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